Invited Speaker: 35 min, Oral Talk: 20 min List of Abstracts

Monday - 15 September

Welcome 09:00-09:10  (10 min)

1. Optical Turbulence and astroclimatic parameters in Astronomy

Chair: P. Wizinovich

    09:10-09:45 J. Beckers       [pdf]
        Turbulence in High Angular Resolution Techniques in Astronomy                

    09:45-10:20 R. Racine              [ppt]
        An Astronomer's view of the Optical Turbulence                            

2. Measurements: Instruments - Techniques - Site Surveys (I)

Chair: J. Storey

    10:20-10:40  J. Beckers     [pdf]
        Using the scintillation of extended objects to probe the lower atmosphere

    10:40-11:00 COFFEE BREAK 

    11:00-11:20  P. Hickson, A. Crotts       [pdf]
        Optical turbulence profiles at CTIO from a 12-elements lunar scintillometer
    11:20-11:40 R. Avila, J.L. Aviles, R.Wilson, M. Chun, E. Carrasco   [not available]
        LOLAS results at Mauna Kea: extreme altitude resolution monitoring of turbulence-profiles in the boundary layer
    11:40-12:00 E. Masciadri, J. Stoesz, F. Lascaux, S. Hagelin, S. Egner         [pdf]
        HVR-GS at Mt. Graham: characterization of the optical turbulence at standard and high vertical resolution
    12:00-12:20 J. Borgnino, J. Berdja, A. Ziad, J. Maire       [pdf]
        Profilometry for the lower terrestrial atmosphere

    12:30-14:00 LUNCH 

    14:00-14:20 R. Wilson, T. Butterley, J. Osborn    [pdf]
        SLODAR site monitors for site characterization and real-time support of adaptive optics
    14:20-14:40 T. Butterley, R. Wilson, M. Chun, R. Avila, J.L. Aviles   [pdf]
        High resolution SLODAR measurements on Mauna Kea
    14:40-15:00 B. Garcia-Lorenzo, J.J. Fuensalida, M. Rodriguez-Hernandez    [pdf]
        Vertical turbulence profiles at Canary Islands Astronomical Sites
    15:00-15:20 C. Robert, N. Vedrenne, V. Michau, J.M. Conan    [ppt]
        Cn2 profiles measurements from Shack-Hartmann data
    15:20-15:40 S. Storey, M. Ashley, J. Lawrence, C. Conner, D. Luong-Van      [pdf]
        Modern instrumentation for measurements of atmospheric turbulence profiles

3. Measurements: Instruments - Techniques - Site Surveys (II)
Surveys - Outer scale

Chair: M. Sarazin

    15:40-16:00 R. Riddle, S. Els, Schoeck, W. Skidmore, T. Travouillon  [pdf]
        TMT site selection survey: Instruments, methods and operations

    16:00-16:20 COFFEE BREAK 

    16:20-16:55 M. Schoeck, S. Els, R.L. Riddle, W. Skidmore, T. Travouillon    [not available]
        Site selection survey: calibration and results
    16:55-17:30 M. Sarazin, G. Lombardi, J. Navarrete, et al.   [pdf]

        Wavefront characterization campaign at Paranal: concurrent measurements with DIMM, MASS, GSM, MOSP, LuSci and Scidar
    17:30-17:50 A. Ziad, J. Borgnino, J. Maire, A. Berdja    [pdf]
        Turbulence outer scale for high angular resolution techniques
    17:50-18:10 C. Arcidiacono                [ppt]
        Retrieving high layer turbulence statistics on E-ELTs scales
    18:10-18:30 A. Bounhir, Z. Benkhaldoun, M. Sarazin    [cancelled]
        Aklim (Maroc): a potential site for astronomical observations
    18:30-18:50 J. Melnick, G. Lombardi, J. Navarrete, M. Sarazin     [pdf]
Detailed analysis of the turbulence in the surface layer above Paranal

Welcome Cocktail
"Practical Exposition of a robotic DIMM mount" by P. Aniol

Tuesday - 16 September

4. Mesoscale models and Assimilation Data

Chair: J. Noilhan

    09:00-09:35 C. Lac          [ppt]
        The mesoscale meteorological models Meso-Nh and AROME
    09:35-10:10 P. Brousseau, L. Auger         [ppt]
        Data Assimilation and mesoscale modelization for optical turbulence forecast
    10:10-10:30 P. Le Moigne, F. Lascaux, E. Masciadri, I. Pietroni     [pdf]
        A new Meso-Nh surface scheme optimized for polar conditions: first validation tests for astronomical applications

    10:30-10:50 COFFEE BREAK
10:50-11:25 J. Powers     [ppt]
        Mesoscale NWP over Antarctica: AMPS and support for ground-based astronomy

5. Optical and Dynamic Turbulence Modelling

Chair: E. Masciadri

    11:25-11:45  S. Businger, T. Cherubini, R. Lyman       [ppt]
        The development of Mauna Kea Center: forecasting planetary-scale to turbulence-scale circulations for astronomy
    11:45-12:20 E. Masciadri, F. Lascaux, S. Hagelin, J. Stoesz      [pdf]
        ForOT: a new approach to the optical turbulence forecasts studies for the ground-based astronomy

    12:45-14:15 LUNCH

    14:15-14:35 T. Cherubini, S. Businger, R. Lyman          [pptx]
        Modeling Optical Turbulence using WRF: sensitivity analysis to horizontal and vertical resolution
    14:35-14:55 F. Lascaux, E. Masciadri, S. Hagelin, J. Stoesz         [pdf]
        Numerical simulations of the wintertime optical turbulence in Antarctica with the mesoscale model Meso-Nh
    14:55-15:15 O. Cuevas      [pdf]
        Meteorological study of an event of turbulence in TMT sites: case 13 August 2006

6. Optical Turbulence and Meteorological parameters: Studies

Chair: M. Schoeck

    15:15-15:35  S. Els, M. Schoeck, T. Travouillon, R. Riddle, W. Skidmore     [not available]
        The ground layer as seen by MASS and DIMM and its relation to micrometeorology
    15:35-15:55  G. Lombardi, V. Zitelli, S. Ortolani, M. Pedani, A. Ghedina         [pdf]
        Astroclimatological analysis of ground-based observatory
    15:55-16:15 S. Hagelin, E. Masciadri, F. Lascaux, J. Stoesz        [pdf]
        Comparison of the atmosphere above the South Pole, Dome C and Dome A: first attempt

    16:15-16:35 COFFEE BREAK

    16:35-16:55 T. Travouillon    [not available]
        Understanding the ground layer turbulence of the TMT sites
    16:55-17:15 T. Varela, C. Munoz-Tunon        [ppt]
        Climatology at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory

    17:15-17:35 C. Bonner, M. Ashley, J. Lawrence, J. Storey, D. Luong-Van, S. Bradley    [ppt]
SNODAR: a new instrument to measure the height of the atmospheric boundary layer on the Antarctic plateau
    17:35-17:55 H. Trinquet, J. Vernin    [cancelled]
        Optical Turbulence and atmospheric instabilities

     17:55-18:15 E. Carrasco, A. Carraminana, C. Gutierrez, J.L. Aviels, R. Avila   [not available]
        Sierra Negra Characterization: an update

Wendsday - 17 September

7. AO and Interferometry vs. Optical Turbulence
Chair: J. Beckers

    09:00-09:35 P. Wizinovich         [pdf]
        AO and interferometry in the international astronomical community: present and future systems and impacts on turbulence
    09:35-09:55 E. Gendron, M. Brangier, F. Pouplard, F. Vidal, Z. Hubert, G. Rousset     [pdf]
        A new differentiation wavefront sensor for open-loop laser tomography on ELTs
    09:55:10:15 O. Lai, M. Chun, J.C. Cuillandre, R. Carlberg, H. Richer    [pdf]
        IMAKA: Imaging from Mauna Kea
    10:15-10:35 P. Hinz     [pdf]
        Preparing for Interferometry with the LBT

    10:35-10:55 COFFEE BREAK

    10:55-11:30 R. Ragazzoni      [ppt]
        Dealing with turbulence: MCAO experience and beyond

    11:30-11:50 L. Jolissaint, S. Kendrew   [cancelled]
        The impact of the refractive index dispersion and water vapor based optical turbulence on AO systems performances in the mid-infrared
    11:50-12:10 J. Beckers       [pdf]
        Pupil Slicing Adaptive Optics: making extremely large telescopes diffraction limited at short wavelenghts

    12:20-13:50 LUNCH
8. Science Operation for Ground Based Astronomy
Chair: R. Gilmozzi

   14:00-14:20 F. Primas, M. Romaniello      [ppt]
       Why is the VLT very efficient ?
   14:20-14:55 R. Green       [pdf]
        Future Look-Like Science Operation for the LBT
  14:55-15:30 F. Comeron               [ppt]
        Planning Operations for the European Extremely Large Telescope

    16:00-16:20 COFFEE BREAK

9. Posters Session
Size Width: 85-90 cm

    C. Bonner, G. Allen, M. Ashley et al.   [not available]
        SNODAR: Measuring the atmospheric boundary layer on the high Antarctic plateau 
    A. Chacon           [ppt]
Evaluation of GFS and MM5 meteorological models for Paranal, Pachon and Macon zones
    A. Eff-Darwich, B. Garcia Lorenzo, L. Bonatto, L.E. Hernandez Gutierrez, R. Vinas, J.A. Rodriguez-Losada, M.J. Blanco, C. Munoz-Tunon    [pdf]
       The impact of seismicity on high angular resolution astronomy: the case of Canaries Observatories
    B. Garcia-Lorenzo, J. Castro-Almazán, & J.J. Fuensalida      [pdf]
        Turbulence structure and meteorological conditions at Teide and Roque de los Muchachos observatories (Canary Islands)
    B. Garcia-Lorenzo, C. Del Giorgio-Castiglione, J.J. Fuensalida     [pdf]
       Studying the relationship between the average velocity of the turbulence (v0) and the high altitude winds (v200) at the Teide Observatory
    F. Lascaux, E. Masciadri, S. Hagelin, J. Stoesz      [pdf]
The Antarctica Polar Vortex: study of winter 2005
    J. Osborne, R. Wilson, T. Butterley             [ppt]
       Slodar profiling of the surface layer of optical turbulence
    J. Stoesz, E. Masciadri, F. Lascaux, S. Hagelin    [pdf]
Reducing optical turbulence profiler data to a representative set for GLAO simulations
    J. Thomas-Osip, G. Prieto, P. Hinz    [pdf]
       Giant Magellan Telescope site testing and characterization at Las Campanas Observatory

Conference Dinner at El Faro Hotel

Thursday - 18 September

Boat tour The whole Morning [09:30 - 13:00]

    13:30 LUNCH 

Open Discussion 15:00

Chairs: R. Gilmozzi, E. Masciadri

   R. Gilmozzi
        Astronomy: E-ELTs challanges
   J. Noilhan
        Meteorology: Reflexions on the Conference Outputs

Conclusions  18:00