Conference Proceedings 
Deadline: 30 November 2008

Contributions (talks and posters) are published on the Conference Proceedings of the Imperial College Press World Scientific (ICP-WS). An on-line version with figures in color is accessible here.

Editors: E. Masciadri and M. Sarazin.

Invited Talks: maximum 12 pages
Standard Talks: maximum 8 pages

Macro Packages:
   (please, do not change the existing environments, commands and other standard parts of Latex)

Submit your contribution [*.tex (or *doc), *.pdf, fig1.eps, fig2.eps, ....] to the Editors' e-mail:

Write, in clear letters, the address at which you wish to receive the Conference Proceedings
-First and Last name
-E-mail address
-Full postal address
-Telephone and Fax numbers

- E. Masciadri in charge of Sessions: 1,2,4,5,8
- M. Sarazin in charge of Sessions: 3,6,7,9

We remind that a Conference Proceedings is a fundamental part of the Conference outputs. We therefore thank in advance all the participants for the efforts they will do to respect the deadline, unambiguous signature of professional respect for the colleagues who participated to the event and for those who organized and funded that. We are confident that the feedback that we will all receive in our studies/researches from such a kind of product will largely recompense the efforts of everybody.