Dome C

In this page are shown a few tools of investigation (vertical and horizontal cuts, 3D maps at different orientations,....) that permits us to charcaterize the 3D  optical turbulence distribution above Dome C. 

Fig.1: Animation of a vertical  section of the optical turbulence (CN2)

Right-panel: digital elevation model showing a surface of 80 km x 80 km around the Dome C summit (black point). Left-panel: Vertical section of the CN2 extracted all along the direction indicated in the right-panel related to one night. The summit of the mountain corresponds to the Dome C station (black point). The color bar indicates the log (CN2) in m2/3.

Fig.2:  2D seeing map  projected on the digital elevation model

3D representation of the seeing calculated integrating the turbulence along the zenith direction from 50 m up to 21,422 km. Calculation for one night.

Same as Fig. 2 but woth different points of view. Calculation for one night.